5 tips for taking better holiday photos

Here are 5 quick tips to help you make sure you capture all the great moments this holiday season.

  1. Shoot moments, don’t pose
    Don’t tell everyone to get in a line and smile for the firing squad. Capture people talking, laughing, opening, drinking, eating. Don’t stage the moments.  Move around the room and capture people interacting and the great spontaneous moments that make the holidays.
  2. Get down (shoot kids at eye level)
    We’ve all seen the great shots of kids opening their presents – Well the great shot of the top of their heads opening presents. When shooting the chaotic unwrapping moments, get down with the kids and shoot on their level. Its a much better perspective.
  3. Have the right equipment
    Batteries charged? Have you been thinking about getting that new lens or flash? Get it now and don’t miss another shot.
  4. Shoot first, question later
    When the action is fast and furious work on getting the shot and ask questions later. When the unwrapping starts be prepared and get the moment.
  5. Put the camera down
    Remember the holidays are a chance to spend time with family and loved ones. Take time to just enjoy the time and not worry about documenting every minute.