Into STREET Photography? Need DISCREET Cameras ? MUST See our Selection!
Rollei, Minox, Yashica, Nikon, Olympus, and More!
Alexanders Retail Store and Studio is continuously striving to offer advisement on quality equipment and accessories to better serve and enhance your photography.  Whether you’re just a beginner, a hobbyist, or a pro, we take the time to help you make smart choices in equipment, accessories, supplies, and services. Plus we gladly offer continuous over-the-counter help and tips.

PRE OWNED – Alexanders carries a selection of quality Film Cameras in 35mm and medium format. Plus preowned DIGITAL selections by Canon & Nikon, when available. Preowned selections will vary.

Studio lighting, backgrounds, and more.

VINTAGE & COLLECTABLE –  Take a trip to the past with some vintage equipment for decor or gifting, our selections vary so stop in and check them out!=

Q: Why buy from Alexander’s?
A: 365-Day support

Customers enjoy support 365 days a year, special promotions and MORE! Have you ever tried to walk into Amazon for help?

Protect your investment

3-year Service Protection on Your New Equipment Purchases!

Buy your new camera……..  ANYWHERE !

Highly rated , insurance based protection need by Klutzes, the clumsey, the active person, multiple users, travelers, adventurers, etc. The careful & cautious need not worry- nothing ever happens accidentally to you!

If it’s new, within 30 days, Our Diamond Protection Plan offers full REPAIR or REPLACEMENT for most of the dumb things that can happen TO & BY humans!  Drop, dunk, dust, destroy…

mackMACK Camera Services have been protecting your camera investment for over 60 years and has always been able to service a wide range of equipment.  Coverage includes: water damage, impact damage, accidents, sand and grit, cosmetic damage and more! Even if you didn’t buy your camera equipment from us, we can offer you the best accident protection anywhere.